MAD FOR NEWYORKTOWN: Dark Verse and Light - 87 PP.: Straw House Press, 2000

Like the city it uses as a point of departure, this volume of performance poetry bristles with voices, swagger, food, compassion, laughter, pain and, above all, attitude. It revels in a multiplicity of forms: from sonnets and odes to blank and free verse; from haiku to comic drama; from a bitter tirade on the Gulf War to a Victorian trifle in the tradition of high nonsense.

Readings and Live Performance with Music: New York (2000-05); Paris and Ledbury, England (2001); Frankfurt and Mainz, Germany (2002); Denver, CO, Washington, DC and Woodstock, NY (2003-04); National Public Radio (2000-2005)


Live performance, The Mercantile Library of New York, 2001.  


To purchase: www.amazon.com / www.vivisphere.com (1-800-724-1100) ISBN 1-58776-031-2



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